C y r i l   D U P O N T

Game Developer / Technical Game Designer




November 2015 - Game Builder / Level Designer

Quantic Dream, Paris (France)

Game builder on « Detroit, Become Human » PS4 (In Production)


August 2014 to Ocotober 2015 - Founder / Game Developer

Artificial Tribe, Hua Hin (Thailand)

Game developer on smartphone game using procedural generation.

Game developer on a canceled cooperative hacking/stealth game on Unity 4.

August 2011 to July 2014 - Game Design Trainer

DSK Supinfogame, Pune (India)

Lecturer in Game Design, Level Design, Gameplay Programing,

Architecture, Game System, Robotic, Creativity, Video Game History…

Students and projects follow-up.

January 2011 to June 2011 - Game Developer

Independent - Lyon (France)

Tools and solutions development for independent game studios.

Independent video game developer.


January to December 2010 - Game Designer

Artefact Studio, Lyon (France)

Game designer on « Canceled Project » Nintendo Wii (Pre-Production)

Game designer on « Shawn Johnson Gymnastics » Nintendo Wii / DS.

Game designer on « MucoPlay » Serious Game.

Game designer on « Shana Spirit Journey », using NAO by Aldebaran Robotics.

- E-Learning 2012 and E-Sante 2012 for “MucoPlay” -

June to September 2009 - Game Designer

Etranges Libellules, Lyon (France)

Game Designer on « Dragons » XBOX, PS3, Wii.

Level Scripter on « Alice in Wonderland » Nintendo Wii.


October 2008 to June 2009, Game Developer

Adrenaline Rush, Valenciennes (France)

Game designer on « Adrenaline Rush » concept pour Nintendo Wii.

Game developer of the prototype, built with Unreal Engine 3.

- Make Something Unreal Contest : Best non-FPS Mod Phase 4 Honorable Mentions -


June to October 2008, Level Designer / Builder

Widescreen Games, Lyon (France)

Game designer on « IdentiFiction », episodic games platform.

Level designer/builder on « AOSphere », IdentiFiction.


November 2006 to October 2007, Software Developer

Agriculture Canada, Montreal Area (Canada)

Software developer, « bioclimatology and modeling » department.

Software developer, IT department.


Summer 2006, seasonal worker at LDLC

September 2003 to June 2006, webdesigner/webdeveloper freelance

Summers 2002 to 2005, camp animator (animation capacity diploma)




2014 - Yale University / Coursera (Online)

Roman architecture (certificate)

2007/2009 - Supinfogame (France)

European Master 2 degree (five year) - Game Director

2006/2007 - IUT A Lyon 1 / Cegep St Jean (Canada)

DUSTI in computer science (three year diploma)

2005/2007 - IUT A Lyon 1 (France)

DUT in computer science (two year diploma)

2003/2005 - University Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Licence 1 in computer science

2003 - Baccalaureat General Scientific

French high-school diploma (science)



154, rue de la roquette,

75011 Paris, France





French (native)

English (professional)

Thai (elementary)

Japanese (elementary)

German (elementary)

Skills & Expertise

Game Design

Game Concept

Game Design Documents

Game Design Patterns

Paper Prototyping

Learning curve

Data/Metrics analysis


Level Design

Level Building Process


Modular Level Design

Game Engine / Editor

Unreal Engine (UDK)



C, C++, C#

PHP, Javascript


Gameplay Programming

Unreal Script, LUA



Robotic, Architecture


Travels - Long trip

Thailand (ongoing)

India (3 years)

Canada (1 year)

Travels - Short trip

USA, Ireland, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain,

Japan, Thailand, Cambodia

Sports & Activities

Board Games, Bass,

Karate, Wind board,

Motorcycle rides,













Norbert Cellier

Principal, Head Of Studies at DSK Supinfogame - Pune (India)

I started working with Cyril 3 years ago at DSK International Campus India. Cyril joined the campus as a Game Design Trainer. He is well appreciated by the students for his expertise as Game Designer but also as a very good Level Designer. He also participated actively to the organisation of the school as a very good programmer while providing us a fully functional Intranet. I will recommend Cyril not only for his Game Design skills but also for his human qualities.

April 17, 2014, Norbert managed Cyril at DSK Supinfogame - Pune (India)

Guillaume Benoit

Head of Department Game Design at DSK Supinfogame - Pune (India)

Cyril is a highly professional designer. His impressive skills in level design and also programming make him strong technical designer. He is really dedicated toward the success and the improvement on the projects he works on, and doesn't count his time to push it further. Kind, calm and friendly, Cyril is a great team member that we can trust and rely on. It was a real pleasure to have him in my team.

April 16, 2014, Guillaume managed Cyril at DSK Supinfogame - Pune (India)

Alexis Madinier

CEO at DSK Green Ice Games - Pune (India)

Cyril is an amazing designer/level designer / jack of all trade !

his skills in programming and his motivation to do more by himself just because it will make the company better makes him an important asset in any kind of company. Without his dedication and him spending his free time programming tools for the school, the school would not have been able to function as well as it did. His technical skills and level design skills makes him the perfect technical level design director you can find.

May 16, 2014, Alexis managed Cyril at DSK Supinfogame - Pune (India)

Philippe Duhem

Lead Design at Widescreen Games - Lyon (France)

Cyril Dupont est venu effectuer un stage dans l’équipe de design d’identifiction.

Il a été intégré à l’équipe en place en période de pré-production pour participer au design des niveaux, à l’élaboration des documents de level design et pour se former à l’outil interne de build.

Très rapidement, Cyril Dupont s’est révélé être une recrue de choix, toujours ponctuel et très disponible.

Tout le monde a vite oublié son statut de stagiaire tant ses aptitudes se sont révélées précieuses pour la production. Son sens naturel du travail en équipe, sa rigueur, son background de codeur éclairé, sa technicité générale et la maturité de sa vision du design font de Cyril Dupont quelqu’un que je recommande sans réserves.

October 10, 2008, Philippe managed Cyril at Widescreen Games